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Access Exclusive supplychain tech, Compliance Updates, and Networking Opportunities That Drive Results. Elevate Your Export-Import Game Today!”


Perfect for Exporters Importers looking to connect with members globally and get access to technology

499 USD

/ yr


Perfect for service providers like custom brokers, forwarders, carriers who provide direct service to regular members

599 USD

/ yr

Multi Region

Perfect for Large Companies looking to connect with local chapters in different regions.

1549 USD

/ yr

Your Questions, Our Answers

Discover why joining WTSA is the smart move for your business success

Why Should I Become a Paid Member of WTSA?

Becoming a paid member isn’t just a subscription; it’s an investment in your business’s future. You’re gaining instant access to a global network of exporters and importers, cutting-edge tech insights, and much more. Imagine being one click away from potential clients, partners, and mentors who can help you navigate the tricky terrains of global trade.

What's the Return on Investment (ROI) for Membership?

Imagine cutting your research time in half, doubling your networking opportunities, and saving potentially thousands in poor business decisions. We designed our community to offer exceptional ROI, from exclusive content to real-time support and business connections.

Are the Educational Resources Really Worth It?

Absolutely! We offer curated courses and workshops from industry experts. These aren’t just general courses; they’re tailored to the needs and challenges specific to the export-import business. Plus, knowledge is power when it comes to trade negotiations and international compliance!

What payment methods do you accept?
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How Will WTSA Help Me Make Global Connections?

Our platform enables seamless networking with professionals from around the world. Not only do we provide the tools, but we also provide the audience. Imagine chatting with a supplier from China, a buyer from Germany, and a shipping agent from the USA, all in one day!

Is the Community Active and Engaged?

One word: Yes! From lively forum discussions to interactive webinars, you’ll find that our members are as invested in their own success as they are in the community’s. This is a tribe that’s eager to share, learn, and grow together.

Connect with members globally

Imagine this: A network where you can shake virtual hands with exporters in Tokyo, discuss deals with importers in Paris, and build partnerships from Sydney to San Francisco. What if you could do all that without leaving your desk?

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